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Register to Vote

Click Here to register to vote online! See registration requirements below. Indiana Voter Registration Deadline for 2022 midterm election: October 11, 2022.

What you need to register:

  • Have a valid Indiana Driver's License or Indiana State Identification Card.
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before the next general, municipal or special election. (A 17-year-old may register and vote in the primary election if the voter turns 18 on or before the next general or municipal election.)
  • Have lived in your precinct for at least 30 days before the next general, municipal, or special election.
  • Not currently imprisoned after being convicted of a crime. Individuals on parole, probation, home detention, or people who are in jail awaiting trial can vote. People who are in a community corrections program, such as work release or electronic monitoring, can vote.
Click here (en Español) to download and print the paper voter registration application. Mail to or return in-person from 8:00am-4:00pm at:

Madison County Board of Voter Registration
16 East 9th Street, Suite 208
Anderson, IN 46016

(765) 641-9657

Mail-in voter registration applications must be postmarked on or before the above registration deadlines; online applications must be submitted on or before 11:59pm on the above registration deadlines.

*VoteRiders - Provides 100% free assistance towards obtaining documents (such as birth certificates, change of name records), arranging rides to and from ID–issuing offices, and providing copies of ID for those eligible to vote by mail. Contact by phone 844-338-8743. 

Checking Your Registration Status

  • Visit the Indiana Voter Portal.
  • Under Check Voting Status, click Check Your Registration Record.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, and the county where you are currently registered to vote.
  • Click Submit.
(If you are not registered, or if there was a problem with the information you entered, you will see an error message. First name, last name, and date of birth must match county records. If you have changed your information, you may need to update your registration. See the instructions to update your registration below. If your information has not changed, you may not be registered and will need to start a new registration application.)

Updating Your Registration

  • To update your registration, you need:
    • The name you registered under
    • Your Indiana State Driver’s License number or your Indiana State Identification Card
  • Visit the Indiana Voter Portal.
  • Under Register to Vote, click Apply Now.
  • Enter your information, using the name you previously registered under.
  • Click Update Registration Info.
  • Correct or update your information.
  • Click Submit.
*Voting in College FAQs - This guide helps you navigate the unique student voting process, including information on how to register and cast your vote as an early or absentee voter.

*Restore Your Vote - Resources and education on knowing your voting rights as a citizen with a felony conviction. 
*You Don't Need a Home to Vote Campaign - This toolkit provides ideas to help overcome the many obstacles that prevent people experiencing homelessness from becoming registered, active voters.

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Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting by Mail

To vote absentee by mail, a voter must first complete an ABS-Mail (en Español) application before each election. The application to request a vote-by-mail ballot must be received no later than 11:59 PM, 12 days before the election. The deadline date is October 27, 2022.

Important! The county or the state must have the application in their possession by this deadline; any application received after this deadline – even if it’s postmarked before the deadline – cannot be processed.

Voters can download and print the ABS-Mail form linked above OR call their county election office or the Indiana Election Division at (317) 232-3939 for an application to be mailed to the voter OR visit their county election office or election division to pick up an application in-person. Remember, the application must be in the possession of election officials by the deadline to be processed for the election. Submit your form via email, postal mail, OR in person:

Click here (en Español) to download the paper ABS-Mail application form. Submit your form 1 of 3 ways:

Email to:
Mail to:

Madison County Circuit Court Clerk
P.O. Box 1277
Anderson, IN 46015

In-person from 8:00 am-4:00 pm at:

Madison County Election Board
16 East 9th Street, Suite 208
Anderson, IN 46016
(765) 641-9459

Or, login to My Voter Portal to access the online application.

Who can vote by mail in Indiana? 
There are currently 11 accepted excuses for voting by mail in Indiana: 

You have a specific, reasonable expectation that you will be absent from the county on Election Day during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open (6 am until 6 pm).

  1. You have a specific, reasonable expectation that you will be absent from the county on Election Day during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open (6 am until 6 pm).
  2. You have a disability.
  3. You are at least 65 years of age.
  4. You will have official election duties outside of your voting precinct.
  5. You are scheduled to work at your regular place of employment during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
  6. You will be confined due to illness or injury or you will be caring for an individual confined due to illness or injury during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
  7. You are prevented from voting because of a religious discipline or religious holiday during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open.
  8. You are a participant in the state's address confidentiality program.
  9. You are a member of the military or a public safety officer.
  10. You are a "serious sex offender" as defined in Indiana Code 35-42-4-14(a).
  11. You are prevented from voting due to the unavailability of transportation to the polls.
A voter applying for an absentee-by-mail ballot does not need to present proof of identification. However, a first-time voter in Indiana who registered to vote by mail and did not provide proof of residency will be asked to include that evidence with their absentee balloting materials. This can be a state-issued ID where the address matches their registration, but can also be a bank statement, utility bill, etc.




State law requires counties to make in-person absentee voting available for 28 days before the election, ending at noon (local prevailing time) the date before the election. In addition, all Indiana counties must make in-person absentee voting available the two Saturdays immediately before the election. Early or absentee voting in person can be done at the Madison County Clerk's Office from October 12 - November 7, 2022, from 8:00 am-4:00 pm, or at any satellite voting location from October 24, - November 5, 2022.   (See exceptions on voting hours under Important Dates below.)

For complete absentee voting instructions and requirements, click here.

NEW! Satellite Voting Locations

Registered voters may vote early at ANY of the Madison County satellite or vote center locations.  The satellite locations will be open for 12 days prior to Election Day. Early voting at the courthouse will begin on October 12, 2022.   

  • Satellite center locations will be open Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from October 24, 2022, to November 5, 2022.
  • The satellite locations will be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on the two Saturdays preceding Election Day - October 29, 2022, and November 5, 2022
  • The satellite locations will not be open on Sundays.  

Click here to see the list of Satellite Voting and Vote Center locations. 

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Election Day Information

Once you are registered to vote, visit the Indiana Voter Portal by clicking Visit My Voter Portal on the lower right-hand side of the homepage. Once logged into your personal Portal, you will have access to your specific voting information such as your voting status, your ballot candidates, vote centers, and election results.

Indiana Voter ID Laws

Before signing the poll list and casting a ballot, you must present a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. A valid ID for voting purposes must:

  • Include the voter’s name, which must confirm—not necessarily to be identical to the name on the individual's voter registration record.
  • Include a photograph of the individual.
  • Except for certain military and veterans documents, include an expiration date that shows the ID is current or expired after November 6, 2018.
  • Be issued by the State of Indiana or the U.S. Government.

*Within your Voter Portal, click What to expect and bring with you for more info on Indiana Voter ID laws and fail-safe procedures if there is a problem with your ID at the polls on Election Day.

NEW! Vote Centers

What is a Vote Center?

Vote centers offer flexibility and convenience to voters, by allowing them to cast a ballot at any county location of their choosing on Election Day.  Using vote centers is an alternative to traditional precinct-based voting, where voters were assigned a specific voting location in their neighborhood.  In 2011, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act 32 and House Enrolled Act 1242. The Governor signed both pieces of legislation, making vote centers an option for any Indiana county.  To date, well over half of Indiana counties have moved to the vote center model. Vote centers add convenience for voters, save counties money and can increase voter turnout. Here is a video with more vote center information.   (

Madison County plans to utilize 30 vote center locations for the November 8, 2022 General Election. Hours for voting will be 6:00am to 6:00pm. Registered voters may vote at ANY of the locations listed below. All locations comply with ADA standards, as required by IC 3-11-18.1-4. 

Click here to see a list of Madison County vote centers!

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Important Indiana Voting Dates

  • October 11, 2022: Last day to register online, by mail, or in-person to vote in the November 8, 2022 midterm election
  • October 12, 2022 - First day for absentee in-person voting at the Madison County Clerk’s Office (8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
  • October 24 - November 5, 2022 (excluding Sunday) – In-person voting at satellite voting locations across Madison County (Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm) 
    • Click here to find a satellite voting location near you, or here to see a full list of locations!
  • October 27, 2022The last day mail-in ballot applications will be accepted in the Madison County Clerk’s Office (must physically be in the office by 11:59 pm)
  • November 7, 2022Last day for absentee in-person voting at the Madison County Clerk’s office (by noon)
  • November 8, 2022Election Day! Voting centers open from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Debate Broadcast

The Indiana Debate Commission will host a single debate between three U.S. Senate candidates Sunday, Oct. 16, with a one-hour broadcast starting at 7 pm Eastern.

The single debate in this year’s race will include three candidates: incumbent Sen. Todd Young (Republican), Thomas McDermott (Democrat), and James Sceniak (Libertarian).

Anyone can submit questions for consideration in this debate, which will be moderated by Laura Merrifield Wilson, an associate professor of political science at the University of Indianapolis, and also a commission board member. She previously moderated a gubernatorial debate in 2016.

Questions for these candidates will come primarily from Hoosier voters, which can be submitted online at

To submit a question for consideration, click “Ask Your Question” on the top menu of the commission website through September 30. Questions will be reviewed and selected solely by the commission, and some submitters may be offered the opportunity to ask their questions in person.

The debate will be broadcast live from the studios of WFYI-TV in Indianapolis. The commission will provide a live broadcast feed and web stream to news media outlets across Indiana for viewers statewide.

Hoosiers will be able to view the debates locally, via live stream on the Indiana Debate Commission website and the commission’s YouTube channel.

Full media specifications for the live broadcast and stream will be distributed closer to the debate date.

The Indiana Debate Commission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that organizes nonpartisan, citizen-focused political debates as a service to the public. Since 2007, the commission has produced 23 statewide debates in U.S. Senate and gubernatorial elections. The group’s work is underwritten by a variety of media and community organizations. The major sponsor for this year’s debate is AARP Indiana.


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Government Websites

Indiana Voter Portal - Register to vote, check your registration status,  find your polling place, find out who is on your ballot, apply for absentee ballots, and get election results.
Indiana Secretary of State Election Division - Detailed vote-by-mail instructions, 'Who Are My Elected Officials?' Tool, Indiana vote centers information, poll worker information, Indiana candidate list.
Madison County, Indiana Election Board - Election calendar, archived and current general election results, local candidates' contact information.

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Fact-Checking Resources - A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Designed to help voters by “monitoring the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases.” Updated even when it is not election season. Includes information on special interest groups behind television ads.
Center for Public Integrity - A well documented investigative journalism organization and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2014 & 2017.
Newsguard - Browser extension that provides an easy way to evaluate websites. “Green-Red ratings compiled by a team of trained journalists signal if a website is trying to get it right, has a hidden agenda, or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”
Politifact - A fact-checking website founded by editors of Time Magazine and in conjunction with Congressional Quarterly.
FactStream App- See a daily stream of the latest fact-checks as they’re published. Developed as part of the Tech & Check Cooperative, a project of the Duke University Reporters’ Lab.

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Campaign Finance Disclosures

Federal Election Commission Official United States Government website that tracks campaign finance and donations.
Indiana Election Division Campaign Finance - The campaign finance database contains detailed financial records that campaigns and committees are required by law to disclose. Through this database, you can view contribution and expense records from candidate, PAC, regular party, legislative caucus, and exploratory committees. 

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General Resource Links

Election Basics

US Voting and Election Resources – United States government website for election information.
The Election Process - The National Archives answers questions about the Electoral College, the process by which the U.S. elects the President.
Common Voting and Election Term Definitions - Learn the meaning of common terms used in voting and elections.

Voter and Registration Assistance

VoteRiders - Provides 100% free assistance towards obtaining documents (such as birth certificates, change of name records), arranging rides to and from ID–issuing offices, and providing copies of ID for those eligible to vote by mail. Contact by phone 844-338-8743.
Voting FAQs for College Students- This guide helps you navigate the student voting process, including information on how to register and cast your vote as an early or absentee voter.
You Don't Need a Home to Vote Campaign - This toolkit provides ideas to help overcome the many obstacles that prevent people experiencing homelessness from becoming registered, active voters.

Federal Voting Assistance Program - Federal voting assistance for service members, their families, and overseas citizens. Provides access to election officials and voting assistance officers to help navigate the absentee voting process.

Candidate and Ballot Information

Project Vote Smart's 'VoteEasy' Tool - Project VoteSmart is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that collects and distributes information on candidates for public office. Use the VoteEasy tool to find a candidate's position on key issues.
BallotReady - A nonpartisan site that allows you to build your ballot by diving into every candidate and referendum on your ballot including candidate’s backgrounds, stances on issues, and experience. BallotReady lets you “explore your ballot, make informed choices, and vote!”.

GovTrack - GovTrack allows users to track federal legislation or see the voting and bill sponsorship records of Representatives and Senators.

Platform Issues

Points of View Reference Center – Assists in understanding the full scope of controversial subjects. High school and undergraduate students can use Points of View as a guide to debating, developing arguments, and developing critical thinking skills. Access this library database in the library, or at home using your library card! - Feeling overwhelmed by all the issues being debated during the 2020 Presidential Election? Start here! is a nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that use professional researchers and rigorous editorial standards.

Know Your Voting Rights!

Voting Accessibility - Information on your rights as a voter with a disability. 
Restore Your Vote - Restore your voter rights after a felony conviction.

Indiana Voter’s Bill of Rights - Know your rights before you visit the polls.
Yes! You Can Vote! - Education from the Indiana ACLU to help end misconceptions surrounding who can and cannot vote in the state of Indiana, leading to suppressed voter turnout for certain groups.

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All candidates are listed alphabetically by their party.  An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent candidate.


US Senator, 5th District

Thomas McDermott, Jr. (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
James Sceniak (Libertarian Party) | Campaign Website
Todd C. Young* (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

US Representative, 5th District

Jeannine Lee Lake (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Victoria Spartz* (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

State Senator, District 25 (open seat)

Tamie Dixon-Tatum (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Mike Gaskill (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

State Senator, District 26 (open seat)

Melanie Wright (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Scott Alexander (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

State Representative, District 35

Brad Sowinski (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Elizabeth Rowray* (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

State Representative, District 36

Terri Jo Austin* (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Kyle Pierce (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

(To find your district, login to your Voter Portal and click Who’s on My Ballot?)


Secretary of State (open seat)

Destiny Scott Wells (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Jeff Mauer (Libertarian Party) | Campaign Website
Diego Morales (Republican Party) | Campaign Website


Jessica McClellan (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
Daniel Elliot (Republican Party) | Campaign Website


ZeNai Brooks (Democratic Party) | Campaign Website
John Schick (Libertarian Party) | N/A
Tera Klutz* (Republican Party) | Campaign Website

Click here for more Indiana candidate information!

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Political Parties

Democratic Party - National | Indiana | Madison County

Green Party - National | Indiana

Libertarian Party - National | Indiana | Madison County

Republican Party - National | Indiana | Madison County

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This page is compiled and maintained by librarians at the Anderson Public Library. Links to political parties and/or campaign websites are for informational purposes only and do not in any way constitute an endorsement.  

Last updated 9/27/2022


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