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Our goal is to deliver well-rounded and forward-thinking programming that engages the public at all levels and to create a culture of community engagement and awareness.

The Library’s programs focus on exploring creativity, learning new skills, educating our communities, and sharing ideas. Additionally, library programs illuminate the experiences, beliefs, and values that foster connection and collaboration.

Program Types

  • Early Literacy programming focusing on heuristic play, sensory exploration, and building motor skills for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • School-age programming focusing on STEAM, games, literacy, and entertainment for grades K-6
  • Teen programming focusing on peer-to-peer connection, positive engagement, connection to resources and support, and entertainment for teens in grades 6-12
  • Adult programming focusing on learning opportunities, community resource support, learning and building skills, and creativity for adults 18+
  • Sensory programming focusing on meeting the needs and wants of sensory-sensitive visitors of all ages

The Creativity Lab inside the Main Library seeks to introduce our community to resources, technology, and programming, as well as encourage creative hands-on learning.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore new and old ways of thinking about themselves and the world around them using creation and maker items such as sewing machines, art and craft supplies, building materials, maker kits, and digital technologies.

Programming in The Creativity Lab focuses on:

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