Recommended Reads - Magical Reads

Have you finished the Harry Potter series and want something to fill that hole in your life? Then try one of these magical reads.

The Cruel Prince

By Holly Black

For all the Slytherins out there, you will feel right at home in the Faerie Court.

Jude’s parents were murdered when she was just a child, after which she was whisked away to the sinister Court of Faerie, and that’s the least of her problems. Jude desperately wants to join the Court, but mortals are despised by the Faerie world, particularly the cruel Prince Cardan. To win her place and secure her future, Jude will need to play a dangerous game of deception, and defy the prince for whom she has some very complicated feelings.

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In Other Lands

By Sarah Rees Brennan

I think this is the book all Hufflepuffs will appreciate.

Elliot Schafer is a small-for-his-age 13-year-old who is prone to being bullied—largely due to his personality, which slots somewhere between insufferable know-it-all and sarcastic jackass. When Elliot’s class travels to a “random field in Devon, England” for a supposed scholarship test, he instead winds up in a strange world known as the Borderlands, which are filled with elves, mermaids, and other creatures. So begins Brennan’s hilarious, irreverent, and multilayered coming-of-age fantasy, set over several years. Elliot quickly befriends (and falls for) Serene, a fierce elven warrior, and arranges a reluctant truce with Luke Sunborn, the son of one of the Borderland’s founding families. All three—along with every young person there—are training in war or as councilors, charged with protecting the fragile barrier with the human world. Amid shifting relationships, the threat of war, and substantial growth among the characters, Elliot’s razor-edged wit and general inability to keep his mouth shut make for blissfully entertaining reading.

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Children of Blood and Bone

By Tomi Adeyemi

A series proclaimed as “the next Harry Potter”.

Years have passed since the maji were killed and magic wiped from the face of Orïsha. Life has grown steadily harder for Zélie and her remaining family, but hope, as always, cannot be extinguished. There is one last chance that magic can be restored, the maji reborn, and the wicked king defeated so Orïsha may thrive again. Zélie must race against time to bring back magic to her land before the king’s son is able to erase it for good.

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The Warrior Heir

By CInda Williams Chima

For the Gryffindors at heart.

An apparently ordinary 16-year-old boy turns out to have magical powers that make him a target of a covert society of wizards, enchanters, and warriors called “the Weir.” Jack’s small-town world in Ohio begins to unravel when he starts to unleash unintentional bursts of wizardry. When he recovers a powerful sword from an ancestor’s grave, he begins to realize how different he really is. A battle with a wizard and some magic-laced conflicts at his high school keep the pages turning while the truth about Jack’s destiny slowly emerges. The scene switches to Great Britain, where he learns that he must participate in a duel to the death against a mysterious opponent.

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Carry On

By Rainbow Rowell

An in-depth look at being the “Chosen One”.

It’s Simon Snow’s last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and it’s not going as planned. His magic, always unstable, has been even more unpredictable, which is bad news with the magical world’s most infamous bad guy after him. His girlfriend is distant, and he’s afraid he’ll lose touch with his best friend after graduation. But most unsettling of all, Simon’s frustrating, evil, pretty-sure-he’s-a-vampire nemesis/roommate hasn’t come back to school. Baz is probably just off plotting somewhere, but what if he’s really in trouble? And why does Simon care so much, anyway?

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Shadow and Bone

By Leigh Bardugo

To me this book screams Ravenclaw…

Fast-paced and unpredictable, this debut novel will be a hit with readers who love dark fantasy. Orphans and childhood friends Alina and Mal are tested for magical abilities early in life. Not wanting to be separated from her only friend, Alina manages to hide her powers and grows into her teen years, unnoticed and unremarkable. But when she and Mal must cross the perilous Shadow Fold as army soldiers, Alina uses her dormant powers to save Mal's life. After that episode, Alina is revealed to be a "Sun Summoner," a person who can bring forth light and maybe destroy the Shadow Fold for good. She's whisked away to train as a Grisha, a group whose varied powers assist the royal court. There, she begins to understand her incredible abilities with the help of the ancient and powerful Darkling, "a man second in power only to the King," who leads Alina to believe that she can bring peace to their divided country. Bardugo creates a unique world complete with monsters, magic, danger, romance, corruption, and extravagance.

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Red Queen

By Victoria Aveyard

A fight between rich and the has the feel of the Deathly Hallows.

Seventeen-year-old Mare Barrow lives in a world where one's lot in life is determined by the color of one's blood. She was born a Red and has to make a living by pickpocketing and trying to dodge "the conscription" and being sent off to fight an ongoing war. Mare's resigned herself to the fact that she'll always serve the Silver, a genetically gifted group of people with supernatural abilities. A chance encounter with the prince causes Mare to suddenly find herself at the royal palace as a servant, where she discovers in front of everyone that she also has a unique gift. She is Red and Silver, and could be just the spark the Reds need to rise up against the oppressive Silvers. The king and queen quickly cover up Mare's anomaly by presenting her to the rest of the Silvers as a long-lost princess and betroth her to their second-born son. Now Mare is torn between playing the part of a Silver, and helping out the Scarlet Guard rebellion.

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The Young Elites

By Marie Lu

What happens when the chosen one has been through too much?

Twelve years ago, the blood fever raged through Kenettra, killing all infected adults and leaving the surviving children marked with scars, patterned skin and unnaturally colored hair. Malfetto, the survivors are called, and everyone knows they are terrible luck. A few malfettos are rumored to have great and mystical powers, and these Young Elites are sought by the Inquisition even while the common people secretly cheer on their defiance against a cruel and ineffectual king. Adelina is a 16-year-old malfetto, tormented by her abusive father until her own Young Elite power reveals itself. Both the Inquisition and the Young Elites want to use her, but Adelina wants only to protect herself and her beloved sister. She's no heroic savior; Adelina's Young Elite strength is honed by a decade of abuse and torment that's turned her into a force motivated foremost by rage and terror.

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