Teen Teacher Information

APL librarians love partnering with teachers to help our community’s students succeed!

If you work at a local middle school or high school, these are just some of the ways the Teen Librarian can help you:

  • Present library resources that will help students with homework and research projects
  • Present fiction and nonfiction titles that relate to a topic being discussed in class
  • Create resource lists for student research projects
  • Provide training for staff or students on using APL’s digital resources
  • Enroll students in the eCard program, allowing them to use their student ID number to check out APL’s eBooks and other digital materials
  • Present popular, age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction titles to get students excited about reading for fun
  • Partner with teachers or school media specialists to provide extracurricular learning opportunities for students, such as book clubs or STEM programs
  • Partner with guidance counselors to organize and/or host college/career fairs
  • And more! If there is something you’d like to try, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Even if the library does not have the staff/resources to help you, we may know another organization in our community that does.

If you would like to schedule a librarian visit or have a librarian compile a resource list for an upcoming student project, please choose the appropriate form below, or contact the Teen Librarian at (765) 641-2456.

Teacher’s Assignment Notification Form

If you are a middle school or high school teacher assigning a large project or paper and would like the Anderson Public Library to provide tailored help to your students, please submit the following form at least four to six weeks in advance and the Teen Librarian will get in touch with you. If you have any questions, please email teen@andersonlibrary.net or call (765) 641-2456 and ask for the Teen Librarian.