Recommended Reads - So you want to learn magic?

Didn’t receive your Hogwarts letter? Maybe you will get into one of these Schools of Magic!

A Tale of Magic… 

by Chris Colfer

Brystal Evergreen is a girl in the Southern Kingdom, where it’s against the law for her to read. When Brystal discovers a secret, magical book in the library, she learns that she is actually a fairy and is whisked away to Madame Weatherberry’s Academy of Magic, where she meets others like her. There she learns about the oppression faced by the magical community, the choices between good magic and bad, and her teacher’s hope for the future in changing the world’s mind about magic. Then, when an evil magical presence begins growing stronger, it’s up to Brystal and her fellow students to save their teacher.

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The Iron Trial 

by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Twelve-year-old Callum Hunt has mage potential, but his father, Alastair a mage and a graduate of the Magisterium tells his son to deliberately fail. He has brought Callum up to believe that the Magisterium is evil and he must never attend. But Callum, small, skinny and partially lame from a serious leg injury incurred when he was an infant, is picked anyway, and this kickoff entry details Callum's first year of training under Master Rufus. 

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The Revenge of Magic 

by James Riley

Six months after losing his father during a monster attack on Washington, D.C., 12-year-old Fort Fitzgerald is recruited into a secret government program and school that teaches children like him to wield the spells contained within a set of recently discovered magical books. Oddly enough, some at the Oppenheimer Academy are eager to see Fort fail. But, desperate to avenge his father, Fort will do whatever it takes to prove he belongs, even if it means mastering the necessary spells in an unprecedented short period. To his dismay, his strength is for healing magic, rather than destruction spells. With the aid of his new friends, including British precognitive Cyrus, healer Jia, and the acerbic Rachel, Fort throws himself into his training, only to discover his new school has numerous dark secrets, and that they may be the last line in Earth’s defense when the books’ original owners threaten to return from their long exile.

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Upside-Down Magic 

by Sarah Mlynowski

In a society where everyone has a neatly defined magical talent, Nory is a misfit. There are Flares, Fuzzies, Flickers, and Flyers, each having particular skills. Nory is a Fluxer, able to transform herself into an animal. But her magic is wonky. Her kitten mixes with a beaver or a dragon, and she has no control over it. When she fails the entrance exam for her father's school, Nory feels that she is a complete failure. Her father sends her to live with her aunt to attend a school that has an experimental class for students whose magic doesn't fit the prescribed methods. Her aunt is welcoming, accepting, and loving. With the guidance of her very wise teacher, Nory makes friends with other children who are dealing with all sorts of uncontrolled magic. After many false starts and a brave adventure, she learns to embrace her out-of the-norm gifts.

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The School for Good and Evil 

by Soman Chainani

Every four years in the village of Gavaldon, two children are stolen away by a mysterious person known only as the Schoolmaster. These children become students at the School for Good and Evil. One will be taught the ways of goodness, honor, and beauty; the other will be instructed in the ways of darkness and villainy. Twelve-year-old Sophie just knows she's destined to be picked for the school of Good this year, and can't wait to assume the role of a princess and meet her Prince Charming. Her best friend, Agatha, is surely villain material with her dumpy looks, black clothes, and dour demeanor. So how is it that Sophie winds up in the School for Evil and Agatha the School for Good? Now both girls must work to succeed in their new roles or face dire consequences. The girls' friendship will be put to the test in ways they never imagined.

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The Mystwick School of Musicraft 

by Jessica Khoury

A parentless 12-year-old with unusual magical gifts is summoned to attend an elite boarding school in order to hone their craft. What makes this, YA author Khoury's middle-grade debut, stand out is the focus on a special type of magic involving spells cast by playing musical instruments. After narrowly being accepted into Mystwick to study Musicraft with the most talented musicians in the world, Amelia Jones must prove that she has what it takes to perform musical spells and secure her spot at the school—or risk expulsion. Amelia struggles with difficult classes, mountains of homework, plus a roommate who hates her, and she quickly learns that someone—or something—seems to have it out for her. Staying at Mystwick will be more difficult than she ever imagined. Amelia's only hope is the music she knows she is capable of creating, but she must find the courage and confidence to play it.

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Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow 

by Jessica Townsend

The future looks bleak for 11-year-old Morrigan, who’s famously destined to die on Eventide. It’s surprising then that she receives an invitation to become a candidate for the Wundrous Society. Jupiter North, a mysterious, magical man, transports her to Nevermoor, the fantastic city where she will compete with other candidates for an extraordinary education and lifelong society membership. Though Jupiter introduces Morrigan to new creatures, technologies, and experiences in Nevermoor, he adroitly dodges her questions about the ghostly Hunt that chases her, the competition that awaits her, and why he chose to sponsor her for the Wundrous Society.

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Freya and the Magic Jewel 

by Joan Holub

Freya's unhappy about transferring away from her school and friends in Vanaheim to Odin's new Asgard Academy, to which he's summoning chosen students from all nine worlds on Yggdrasil. Freya's special magic involves prophecies given by Brising, her jewel—which she drops and loses during the arrival chaos. She's also uncomfortable because Vanaheim and Asgard were recently at war, a war supposedly caused by her missing nanny, Gullveig, and which has left Asgard's wall destroyed. There is a lot going on. Prankster Loki exploits Mason, a fellow student who has a crush on Freya, by peer-pressuring Freya into a bet: If scrawny Mason rebuilds the wall in three days without help, Freya will give Mason her heart, the sun, and the moon. But Mason has some tricks up his sleeves. When not in class or sneaking off to recover Brising from dwarves, Freya's overcoming suspicions and making friends with kids from other worlds, especially her Aesir roommates, and she learns that her true gift is friendship.

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The Unwanteds 

by Lisa McMann

In the dystopian land of Quill, 13-year-old Alex is judged by society to be an Unwanted and is sentenced to be cast into the Lake of Burning Oil, which is hidden behind a gate that is unlocked but once a year. He is stunned when the Death Farmer reveals himself to be, in reality, a benign mage and, rather than face a painful death, Alex and the other Unwanteds are welcomed to the magical world of Artimé. There they are instructed in the arts, which are forbidden in Quill, and eventually learn magical skills. Alex can't stop thinking about his twin brother, who is living as a Wanted in Quill. Aaron is rising quickly at Wanted University and becomes a protégé of High Priest Justine. In Artimé, McMann has created a world of magical whimsy full of talking blackboards; intelligent statues; and spells that are sung, painted, and recited.

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Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded 

by Sage Blackwood

Chantel Goldenrod is the most talented student at Miss Ellicott’s School for Magical Maidens. While others struggle for years to summon a familiar, Chantel summoned hers (a snake named Japheth) at age six. Unfortunately for the more magically minded, Miss Ellicott emphasizes deportment and obedience over the study of spells, potions, and wards. But when Miss Ellicott and the rest of the sorceresses disappear, Chantel must ignore all rules in order to find them. Meanwhile, it’s hard to identify the true enemy. Is it the evil Marauders surrounding Lightning Pass who threaten to attack the city wall? Or the patriarchs and king who hoard the scarce food supply while citizens go hungry? Good thing Chantel has capable companions in her sensible friend Anna, a Marauder boy on the run named Franklin, and a dragon called Lightning.

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