Fine Free

Frequently Asked Questions

about APL going "fine free"

Why did APL choose to eliminate fines?

It is the mission of the Library to provide equal access to information, services, and opportunities that inform, connect, engage, and empower all users. Fines are a barrier to that access. Eliminating that barrier opens doors to all in our community to utilize the resources that the Library offers.

What do I do if I have current fines on my account?

Customers who have fines that were accrued on their accounts prior to September 1, 2018 will need to visit the Main or Lapel Branch Library and speak with a staff member at the Circulation Desk in person about their balance. Please bring any materials that have accrued fines with you at this time.

Will fines be eliminated on all materials?

All Anderson Public Library-owned materials will no longer have overdue or expired hold fines. Charges will still accrue on lost or damaged items. Materials that are obtained through Interlibrary Loan are borrowed from other libraries and therefore are still subject to charges.

If I'm not being charged overdue fines, can I keep an item forever?

“No fines” does not mean “no responsibility.” Once an item is 14 days past its due date, the item will automatically be set to “Lost” status and the customer’s account will be blocked. The customer will be responsible for the monetary cost of the “Lost” item. Once an item is 42 days past its due date, the charge will be sent to collections. If the item is returned to the library, the “Lost” charges that have been placed on the account will be removed. If collection charges have accrued, they will need to be paid before the customer can borrow more items.

How do I pay for a lost or damaged item?

Customers can pay the charges on their account in several ways. Payment in the form of cash, check, or a debit/credit card is accepted at the Circulation Desk at the Main Library and Lapel Branch Library. Customers may also pay online.