Max Terhune

max terhuneFrom 1926 to 1935 this area was the home of a man who was to become one of Hollywood's most popular cowboy movie stars. Max Terhune resided in Anderson, first at 1305 E. 27th Street and later at 216 Haverhill Drive and worked at Delco-Remy as a toolmaker when not making vaudeville tours. Max was born in a log cabin in Franklin, Indiana in 1891 and for a time was a professional baseball player.

Making his stage debut winning a whistling contest, Max developed a popular act which included card tricks, animal imitations and comedy with his ventriloquist doll, Elmer Sneezewood. While working at the National Barn dance on WLS Radio in Chicago, Max Terhune met Gene Autry who later brought him to Hollywood to appear in two of Autry's films, Ride Ranger Ride and The Big Show. As a result, Max became part of the popular cowboy trio The Three Mesquiteers, making twenty-one feature films appearing as Lullaby Joslin, six of them with John Wayne. After that he and co-star Ray Corrigan appeared in the Range Busters series, with Max doing two dozen of these westerns. He later made cowboy films with Allan Lane, Monte Hale and Johnny Mack Brown. His feature films include animal imitations for Walt Disney's Barnyard Symphony and dramatic roles in Rawhide (1951), Jim Thorpe, All-American (1951) and Giant (1956). He also worked on radio, toured with cowboy stars like Tex Ritter and appeared on TV in I Love Lucy, The Lone Ranger, Ramar of the Jungle, and Annie Oakley, as well as starring in his own program, Alibi's Tent Show.

Max Terhune's success as a ventriloquist made it possible for Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and others to have film careers. In the 1960s Max and Elmer entertained at Ray Corrigan's western tourist attraction, Corriganville, which later became Hopeville, after being purchased by Bob Hope. In the early 1970s he and Elmer were popular at western film conventions before Max's death in 1973. At the time Gene Autry said, "Max Terhune was one of the best liked of all western actors."

Max and his wife Maude had three children, one of whom, Robert Terhune (who grew up in Anderson) became an actor and one of Hollywood's best known stuntmen.

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