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About the Database

clientuploads/mhhs001.JPGBuilt to serve the growing population on Anderson’s South Side in the 1950’s, Madison Heights High School began its life as an Anderson Township School in the 1956/57 school year. The school originally held six grades (7 to 12) and had a student enrollment of 1425 in its first year. According to Sheila (Timmons) Love, a member of the 1958 graduating class, the students chose the Pirate mascot themselves. Principal Robert Collier coined the phrase “Walk Tall—Be Proud—You are a Pirate” and the very popular gift of the 1962 graduating class was a Pirate mosaic which graced the school floor. School colors were red and black. The school became part of the Anderson School System in 1964. Closed in 1997, due to increasing costs and declining enrollment, the Madison Heights building became the home of Anderson High School during the 1998 school year.

The Madison Heights High School yearbook was called the Treasure Chest and was produced from the school’s first year (1956/57) to its last (1996/97). Due to the kindness and foresight of the Madison Heights yearbook sponsors, the Anderson Public Library was given a copy of nearly every Treasure Chest published and owns a copy of each.

This student database covers all 40 years of the Treasure Chest's publication. It indexes all of the student yearbook photographs from each class, so that any student who attended MHHS and had a picture taken for the year should be included. (The index includes class photographs only and does not include sports, events or club photographs.) The index is searchable by student name and will give you the year(s) the student attended and the page(s) that his or her photograph(s) were on. Should you want a copy of any photograph, please email Indiana Room staff. We can scan the page from the yearbook or photocopy it and send it to you.


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