Madison County Servicemen and Women of World War II

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About the Database

This database indexes the collected newspaper coverage from the Anderson Herald and Anderson Daily Bulletin from the years 1941-1945 regarding local residents who served in WWII. The articles were collected in a series of books entitled Service Men and Women, World War II, which is in the Indiana Room.

Tips for Searching

  • This database works best if you search by last name only.
  • If you are searching for a common name like Smith, enter "Smith, J" for John Smith
  • Capitalization is not important, but make sure to use apostrophes.  Example: O'Connor, not OConnor.
  • If you are unsure of the spelling, you can enter just part of the name and your results will include partial matches.  For example, searching "Smith" might also bring up Goldsmith, Smithe, Smithers and Smithson.

Results will list the book and page that the article can found on.  The article is not available online, but if you contact Indiana Room staff we can provide copies for you.

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