Madison County Marriages, 1921-1951

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About the Database

In the 1930’s, workers for the WPA created an index to the marriage licenses of Madison County that covered the years 1880-1920. This index is available in book form at the Anderson Public Library and is also part of the Indiana marriages database on

No records exist for Madison County marriages prior to December 10, 1880. These were destroyed in a courthouse fire.

This new database, which covers marriages from 1921 to mid-1951, indexes an additional 30 years of marriage licenses. It was created using microfilm of Madison County marriage books 35-84, filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the 1990s.

Name spelling: Most of these records were handwritten. Every attempt was made to transcribe them accurately, but there were times when the handwriting was illegible and best guesses were made. If you can’t find someone on the first try, try spelling variations of the last name or, if s/he has an uncommon first name, try a first name only search.

Maiden name: First-time brides are indexed under their maiden names automatically. In the case of a successive marriage (second or more), the maiden name was almost always on the application. If it was legible, we have included it here.

Marriage date: The date the marriage took place according to the marriage license return.

Book/page: A book and page number is given for each marriage. These refer to the marriage licenses books held by the Madison County Clerk.

Record: Marriage license applications were two-part. The top section was filled out by the couple when they applied for the license before the wedding. The bottom section, called the return, was to be filled out by the wedding officiant, providing the actual date the wedding took place. On rare occasions, the return is not filled out. In many cases, this probably means that the officiant forgot, but it may indicate that the marriage did not take place. Occasionally there will be a note to that effect or an affidavit filed later giving the actual marriage date. “No return” licenses are identified by an NR and the marriage date given is actually the date the couple applied for the license. Records without dates are identified with an ND (no date) in the marriage date column.

To obtain copies of marriage license applications: The library does not have copies of the marriage license applications and cannot provide them. The Madison County Clerk’s office (16 E. 9th St., Anderson, IN 46016, 765-641-9443) will provide copies at $1.00 per page. Customers may write, call or visit the Clerk’s Office on the second floor of the Madison County Government Center. If the copy is needed for legal, business, or insurance purposes, please let them know, as those copies require an official seal. Customers are asked to provide the book and page number of the marriage license they need along with the request.

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