Madison County Civil War Veterans Database

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About the Database

Names for this database were taken primarily from two sources:

The Adjutant-General’s report is the most important and authoritative source for Indiana Civil War soldier information. All soldiers listing Madison County as a residence in the report are included in the database.

The Madison County Militia Enrollment took place on August 14, 1862, in each township in Madison County. The original lists are at the Indiana State Archives. Submitted along with the enrollment lists was a list of township residents who were or who had been in the service. Most of the names from these lists were added to the database as well.  (There were a few which were illegible and some with names so common or so unrecognizable that no accurate match to the A-G’s report could be made.)

In addition, the following sources were consulted:

Tips for Searching

Name spellings for the Madison County Civil War soldiers were taken from the Indiana Adjutant-General’s Report. Although the report is an official document, do not expect to find an official spelling of your ancestor’s name. Keep in mind that it was probably compiled from records which were written in haste and under stress by people who may not have been able to read or write very well.

With this in mind, expect spelling errors and variations. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Say the name out loud and try to think of other ways it might be spelled. As an example, a man listed as Samuel Bach in the census was listed as Samuel Bock in the A-G’s report.
  • Try substituting vowels. If you’re looking for Pearsall, you might try Piersol or even Pursell.
  • Drop or add an “e” on the end: Poor(e), Cook(e)
  • If you can’t find your ancestor under his last name/first name combination, try his last name/middle name.
  • Boys in the 19th century were frequently named after patriotic or religious heroes. If you can’t find a George W. Smith, try Wash or Washington Smith. A Wesley Jones might be John Wesley or John W. Other names that were popular are Thomas Jefferson, Francis Marion, William Henry Harrison, James Madison and Andrew Jackson.
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