Madison County Cemetery Records Database

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About the Database

This database is the result of the work of many people over the course of decades. Anderson Public Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of the records. The information it contains is generally derived from tombstones. The index may list people whose tombstones no longer exist, and the information on the tombstones may be difficult or impossible to decipher.

There are over 70,000 people in this database from 98 cemeteries. However, there are dozens of entries where people do not have legible last names, therefore you may want to search for "unknown" first and last names just to be thorough.

Internments after 2000 are generally not included. Also, many of the burials in the Memorial Park/Anderson Memorial Park cemetery were not available for inclusion in this index.

If you find a name you wish to pursue further, please contact the Indiana Room for help.


The cemetery names are coded. A list of the full names and locations can be found here.

Tips for Searching

When searching for names such as "O'Hara", "O'Leary", etc., OMIT the apostrophe. For Example: "O'Hara" would be searched OHara.


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