Madison County Casualties of World War II

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About the Database

Information in this database was compiled from several sources, both print and online.

Information included in this database

  • First and Last name
  • Rank
  • Branch of Service
  • Hometown
  • Cause of death
  • Place of death (if the information was available).

If you know of a Madison County serviceman who died in World War II who is not included in this database, or if you have other questions, please contact Indiana Room staff.

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Last Name First Name Rank Deployed Reason Branch Home
Abbott Earl Austin Tech-4 South Pacific Navy Anderson
Albert Karl W. Tech 4th Cl England jeep accident Army Anderson
Allen Richard J. S. Sgt. England Army Air Corps Pendleton
Altherr Joseph, Jr. Pvt. Marine Elwood
Ashba William Lowell Pvt. Italy Army Anderson
Ashby Junior H, Pvt. Army Alexandria
Atchley Monroe 1st Sgt. Europe bomb explosion on plane Army Anderson
Atkinson Lawrence A. Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
Atwood Richard J. T-Sgt. France Army Air Corps Anderson
Austin John Robert PFC Belgium Army Anderson
Austin Robert Sgt. Army Elwood
Bagienski Frank F. PFC France Army Anderson
Baines Jay R. Corp. Germany Army Anderson
Baker James C. Sgt. Army Air Corps Elwood
Baker Walter Willard Capt. England Army Air Corps Anderson
Banta Cecil R. Sgt. Army Elwood
Barker Roderick Pfc. Iwo Jima Marine Elwood
Bell Charles R. Sgt. Army Air Corps Elwood
Bell Harold Pvt. Germany Army Engineers Pendleton
Bell James H. Lt. Navy Elwood
Bell John Arnold Pvt. Army Elwood
Benefiel Herchell W. Pfc Army Frankton
Billhymer Robert 2nd Lt. Army Pendleton
Birch Abram Carl Lt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Birch John William Pvt. SW Pacific Army Anderson
Black George Kenens Corp. Army Anderson
Blakely Walter L. Corp. Army Pendleton
Bowman Daniel W. 1st Lt. Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Bradley James W. Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
Bragg John PFC Pacific Army Anderson
Braxton Harold, Jr. PFC At Sea Marine Anderson
Bricker Eugene Pfc. Army Elwood
Bricker Norman J. Pvt. Atlantic At Sea Army Anderson
Bright Mark Lt. Guam Navy Anderson
Brockmyer John 1st Lt. Injuries from an accident Army Air Corps Anderson
Broderick Robert K. Pvt. Iwo Jima Marine Anderson
Brown Gerald B. S. Sgt. New Guinea Army Air Corps Anderson
Brown Raymond H. Pvt. Army Anderson
Brown Robert M. Pvt. Army Anderson
Brown Robert Sheldon Seaman 1st Cl Navy Anderson
Broyles Chester A. Pvt. Army Summitville
Bryant Howard Corp. Southwest Pacific Marine Pendleton
Busby Ralph J., Jr. Ensign Navy Air Anderson
Bush James Wesley Corp Marine Anderson
Calabria Joseph Pvt. Belgium Army Anderson
Calabria Samuel, Jr. Seaman 2nd Class Pacific At Sea Navy Anderson
Caldwell Franklin B. Lt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Callahan Odus, Jr. Pfc. Army Madison Co.
Calvert Kenneth R. Pvt. Ft. Harrison Heart attack Army Anderson
Campell Jesse Pfc. Army Elwood
Carey Ralph Wolford Shipfitter 3rd Class Navy Anderson
Carpenter Alonzo T. Sgt. Iwo Jima Marine Anderson
Carroll E. Lewis PFC Germany Army Anderson
Cates Donald R. Pfc Okinawa Marine Anderson
Clanin Lewis E. T. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
Clark Alfred Eldon Machinists Mate CG Anderson
Clark Charles E. Pfc. Missing Army Summitville
Clark James D. Corp. Luzon Army Anderson
Cluggish George Pfc. Army Elwood
Cobble Lelon PFC Luzon Army Anderson
Coe Don Carlos Pvt. Army Elwood
Colson John P. S. Sgt. Missing Army Anderson
Conner Robert Gene PFC France Army Anderson
Cook Clarence E. 2nd Lt. Army Air Corps Elwood
Cook Harvey Weir Col. Army Anderson
Corytain Daniel B. Seaman 2nd Class South Pacific Navy Anderson
Cox Herman, Jr. Staff Sgt. France Army Anderson
Craib Max Staff Sgt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Craigmile Robert Vincent Corp. Belgium Army Anderson
Cripe Chester M. Sgt. Army Anderson
Crist M. Dale Lt. Europe Army Air Corps Anderson
Crist Ralph Sgt. Missing Army Air Corps Alexandria
Critchlow Charles A. Sgt. Belgium Army Anderson
Critser Andrew Farrell Pvt. Missing Army Lapel
Crittenberger Townsend W. Corp. Germany Army Anderson
Crosson Charles S. PFC Iwo Jima Marine Anderson
Cunningham Robert V. Storekeeper 1st Cl Navy Anderson
Danforth Roy M. S. Sgt. Army Alexandria
Daugherty Glennard Leons Phar. Mate Marine Alexandria
Davis Charles E., Jr. PFC Germany Army Anderson
Davis James PFC Army Anderson
DeVaney Robert E. T-Sgt. Missing Army Elwood
DeWitt Francis Neal Pfc. Army Alexandria
Dexter Richard Aviation Cadet Army Air Corps Madison Co.
Dietrich Richard E. 2nd Lt. Army Elwood
Dilts Charles Edgar Lt. Philippines Army Air Corps Anderson
Downey James M. Cpl. Missing Army Anderson
Doyle Joseph G. S. Sgt. North Africa Army Anderson
Druley Robert Burns Sgt. Burma Army CID Anderson
Duffitt Charles A., Jr. Corp. Marine Elwood
Dusing George A. Sgt. Germany Army Anderson
Eachus Robert Lewis Pvt. Philippines POW camp Army Air Corps Anderson
Ebbert Harold Pvt. Army Markleville
Eckhardt Earl L. Sgt. Austria Army Air Corps Anderson
Eckrote James R. PFC Belgium Army Anderson
Eden Vernal Seattle, Wash. Killed on guard duty Navy Anderson
Ellsworth Raleigh D. Pvt. Army Summitville
Eutsler Jack R. Pvt. Burma Army Anderson
Evans James F. Sgt. Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Evans Thomas W., JR. Corp. Army Anderson
Everson Frank Pvt. Army Elwood
Felty Harry Pfc. France Army Anderson
Fesler William Riley Lt. Missing Army Frankton
Fields Kester C. Pvt. Philippines Army Anderson
Fiscus James L. Pvt. Army Elwood
Fletcher Marion S. Lt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Foltz Floyd L. Pfc. France Army Anderson
Fortner Carl 2nd Lt. Burma Army Air Corps Anderson
Franklin Benjamin H., Jr. Corp. Corsica Army Air Corps Anderson
Frazee William E. Sgt. Army Alexandria
Frombgen Paul W. Pvt. Army Air Corps. Alexandria
Fuqua John T. Pvt. Army Anderson
Gaither Glenn E. Pvt. Army Alexandria
Gants Marvin C. Pfc. Army Elwood
Gardner Ernest S. Sgt. Army Elwood
Garr Earl L. Pvt. Virginia Illness Army Anderson
Garrison Eugene Pfc France Army Anderson
Georgel Robert Charles Pfc. Army Elwood
Gilmore Horace V. Pfc Germany Army Anderson
Goff Ralph V. Pfc. Pacific Marine Pendleton
Gooding Earl 2nd Lt. Germany Army Air Corps Frankton
Goodman Walter E. Corp. Pacific Army Anderson
Gootee George Harris Electrician 1st Cl Navy Elwood
Gordon James A. Pfc. Army Elwood
Gordon Richard P. S. Sgt. North Sea Army Air Corps Anderson
Graham Daniel J. Sgt. Army Anderson
Graham George Pfc Iwo Jima Marine Anderson
Gray John C. Pfc. Army Anderson
Gray Robert C. Pfc Germany Army Anderson
Green Delmar T. Sgt. Luzon Army Anderson
Gresham Herschel T. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
Grossenbacher Walter Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
Grubbs Herman C. Pvt. North Africa Army Anderson
Gustin Robert W. Pfc. Army Elwood
Halford Wayne A. Sgt. Germany Army Anderson
Hancher Raymond Pfc. Army Elwood
Handley Crawford Pfc. Belgium Army Anderson
Handley Eric Neil Lt. Italy Army Engineers Anderson
Hannah James R. Carpenter's Mate 2nd Cl Missing Navy Elwood
Hannon Francis L. Ship Fitter 3rd Hawaii Wounds, Pearl Harbor Navy Anderson
Harbit Claude Pfc. Army Elwood
Harbit Garner E. Pfc. Lost at Sea Marine Elwood
Heiden Edward B. Sgt. Inzon Army Anderson
Heller Leland Pvt. Army Lapel
Hendrix Otis Pfc Army Air Corps Anderson
Henry Guy V. Pvt. Army Madison Co.
Hensley Gale Pvt. England Army Anderson
Hepfer William T-5 Africa Army Anderson
Heritage Richard L. Lt. Africa Army Anderson
Hetzer Marion E. Pfc. Army Madison Co.
Hexamer Richard L. Pfc. Army Anderson
Hines Phillip Pvt. Army Anderson
Hobson George T. Thomas Pvt. Army Elwood
Holloway Fremont M. Lt. Page Field Air Crash Army Air Corps Anderson
Horne Blanchard J., Jr. Lt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Horne Robert Henry Ship's Clerk 3rd Cl Mediterranean Missing Navy Anderson
Huffman Charles L. Pvt. Mindanao Army Anderson
Huggins James Sgt. Army Elwood
Hull William S. Sgt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Huntley William Walter Seaman 2nd Class Pacific Navy Anderson
Hutcherson Whalen, Jr. Sgt. Army Air Corp Anderson
Ice Merle Cpl. Army Air Corps. Summitville
Ingram Harold Pfc. Italy Army Anderson
Inman Ralph Corp. Army Elwood
Isaacs Thomas Lt. Austria Army Air Corps Anderson
Jackson Worth H. PFC Italy Army Anderson
Janes Preston Pvt. German Army Anderson
Jarrett Carl W. T. Sgt. Army Air Corps Lapel
Jessup Fred PFC At sea Army Anderson
Johnson Carl Sgt. Africa Army Anderson
Johnson Garland Eugene 1st Lt. Army Air Corps Summitville
Johnson Harley P. Pvt. Army Alexandria
Johnson Paul (Pete) Pvt. Army Alexandria
Jones James S, Sgt. Army Pendleton
Jones Marion F. T. Sgt. Missing Army Lapel
Jones Paul Pfc. Army Elwood
Jones Robert D. Pfc. Army Air Corps Anderson
Jones Samuel Pfc. Army Alexandria
Juday Nona H. Corp. Army Air Corps Elwood
Justice Jack K. Pvt. Sheppard Field, TX Car accident Army Air Corps Anderson
Kaiser Robert O'Brien Seaman Lost at Sea Navy Anderson
Kegg Harrison S. Sgt. Europe Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Kepner Jack Sgt. Missing Army Air Corps Alexandria
Kern Luther Ensign Navy Anderson
Knopp William R. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Knuckles James Sgt. Army Alexandria
Kreuger Arthur Pvt. Leyte Army Anderson
Kuklenski Stanley T-4 France Army Anderson
Lacy Frank Richard, Jr. Col. Emiran Is. Marine Anderson
Lawrence Howard Pfc. New Guinea Army Anderson
Lawrence Max Pfc. S. Pacific Army Alexandria
Lawson Chase Pvt. Army Fishersburg
Layton Billy Sherman Sgt. Africa Army Anderson
Leach Roy L. PFC Army Anderson
Ledford John Richard Seaman 1st Class At sea Navy Anderson
Legg Joseph Franklin Pfc. Army Elwood
Legg Raymond F. S. Sgt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Lewis Emory Leroy Pfc. Europe Army Anderson
Likens Herschel PFC Army Frankton
Likens Homer S. Sgt. Army Frankton
Lowry Roland D. Pvt. Army Anderson
Mace Richard C. Sgt. Army Pendleton
Manghelli Maurice Pvt. Solomons Marine Anderson
Manifold John Corp Army Rangers Alexandria
Marlett Francis L. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Martin Lawrence Sgt. Anderson
Masters Russell E. Lt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Mathes Ben N., Jr. Lt. Army Air Corps Anderson
McCarel Larry Sgt. Army Elwood
McColeman John R. T. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
McCoy Charles Frederick Flight Instructor Civilian Anderson
McCoy Lawrence, Jr. Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
McCurdy William Pvt. Army Alexandria
McGrath Earl Corp. Europe Army Chesterfield
McLain Robert W. S Sgt. Europe Army Air Corps Anderson
McLean Allen Sgt. Atlanta, Ga. Army Anderson
Mesalem James Seaman 2nd Class Naval Reserve Elwood
Mills Max M. Pvt. Marine Lapel
Millspaugh Richard H. Sgt. Italy Army Anderson
Mitchell Clyde T. Sgt. Luxembourg Army Anderson
Modlin Jack Pfc. France Army Anderson
Mohler Robert S. Sgt. Austria Army Air Corps Anderson
Moore Charles E. Pfc. Army Elwood
Moore Harlan Capt. Army Air Corps Elwood
Moore John H. Lt. Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Moore Parke P. Sgt. Army Elwood
Moore Willard 1st Lt. Army Elwood
Morgan Fred Pvt. Army Summitville
Morrow John E. Pvt. France Army Anderson
Mosier Robert L. Pfc. Luzon Army Anderson
Nale Calvin E. Sgt. Army Anderson
Niccum William F. Pvt. Army Elwood
Nichols Harold Pvt. France Army Anderson
Noel Harold F. Pvt. Army Pendleton
O'Conner Floyd Pfc. Luzon Army Anderson
Ooton William G. Pvt. Mindanao Army Anderson
Osborn Edward F. S. Sgt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Osborne Roy Pfc. Army Elwood
Owens Charles L. Pvt. Pacific POW Army Elwood
Owens Ethel D. Pfc. France Army Anderson
Owens Jack Milton Electricians Mate 2nd Cl. Missing Navy Reserves Elwood
Owens Thomas Gilbert Seaman 2nd Class Lost at Sea Navy Elwood
Parker Robert 1st. Lt. Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Parrish James E. Pvt. Missing Army Medic Elwood
Patterson David W. Cpl. SW Pacific Marine Anderson
Patton William B. Pfc. Normandy Army Anderson
Pavey Paul H. Pfc. France D-Day Army Anderson
Pearson Arnold Lt. Or S. Sgt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Pedro Anthony Sgt. Army Elwood
Peterson Frank Oscar Ensign Missing Alexandria
Phillips Charles E. Sgt. Missing Army Anderson
Pickering Emerson L. Pvt. Normandy Army Anderson
Powers John S. Lt. Army Ingals
Pratt Willie L. Pvt. Missing Army Anderson
Prell Henry T. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Pryor Robert A. Cpl. Luzon Accident at Luzon Army Anderson
Raines Hubert Corp. Army Pendleton
Raison John L. Pvt. Burma Army Anderson
Ramsdell Dan Pvt. Italy Missing Army Anderson
Redman Gerald E. Pfc. Marine Elwood
Redmon Charles E. Pfc. Phillippines Army Anderson
Renck Don Lt. France Army Anderson
Repp Oakley, Jr. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
Reynolds Bliss R. 1st Sgt. Marine Anderson
Reynolds Miron C. Lt. Germany Army Air Corps Anderson
Rhody Theodore S. Sgt. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Riggins Duane Lois Mach. Mate 3rd Pacific Navy Anderson
Riggs Edwin Lee Cpl. Germany Army Anderson
Riggs John W. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Risley Warren S. Sgt. Mindanao Army Anderson
Ritchie Ferral PFC Army Alexandria
Rodecap L. Weldon S. Sgt. Germany Army Anderson
Ronsheim John N. S. Sgt. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Rosenbarger Arthur E. Pfc. Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Illness Army Anderson
Rowe A. Thomas Lt. Algiers Army Anderson
Rucker Thomas, Jr. Seaman 1st Class Lost at Sea Navy Madison Co.
Rudolph Farrall Sgt. Army Anderson
Rundquist Vincent Arthur Seaman 1st. Class Navy Anderson
Runyan Paul Hubert Pfc. Army Elwood
Russell Charles Edward Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
Russell Everett E. PFC Luzon Army Anderson
Rutledge Lon B. S. Sgt. Missing Anderson
Ryan John E. Pfc. France Army Anderson
Rybolt Donald L. S Sgt. Europe Miising Army Air Corps. Summitville
Samuell Charles H. Cpl. Biak Is. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Schoger Matthias Jr. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Schroeder Donald Pvt. Luzon Army Anderson
Scott Donald Pfc Army Alexandria
Seagraves Robert C. Capt. France D-Day Army Anderson
Seal Louis Pfc. France Army Anderson
Seaton Robert Louis Sgt. England Army Air Corps. Anderson
Self Alonzo R. Sgt. Leyte Army Anderson
Shafer Ray S. Sgt. Mediterranean Army Air Corps. Anderson
Shaw Eugene. Pvt. Army Anderson
Shaw James Eugene Pfc. Okinawa Army Anderson
Shaw Leonard R. Pvt. Missing Army Markleville
Shively Marshall Pvt. France Army Anderson
Shoultz Eugene D. Cpl. France Army Anderson
Silvey Arthur E., Jr. Pfc. Army Alexandria
Simmonds Robert J. Pfc. Army Anderson
Slater Paul Pfc. Iwo Jima Marine Anderson
Smith Guy S. Pvt. Africa Army Elwood
Smith Leroy Lt. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Snideman Charles Wesley Sgt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Spitzer Robert D. Capt. Crash in Utah Army Air Corps. Anderson
Spoo Lawrence J. Pfc. Anzio Army Anderson
Staton Robert L. Sgt. Europe Army Air Corps Anderson
Steiner Elwood J. S. Sgt. Army Elwood
Stevens Kenneth L. Sgt. Germany Army Anderson
Strickler Gene Davis Lt. Navy Alexandria
Summers Jack Bronson Sgt. Marines Alexandria
Swain Eugene C. T. Sgt. Leyte Army Air Corps. Anderson
Tanselle Richard L. Lt. Army Summitville
Tate Robert Archie Pfc. France Army Anderson
Taylor Harold Frank Seaman Missing Navy Anderson
Thomas Carl W. S. Sgt. Italy Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Thomas George E. Sgt. Army Anderson
Todd Paul Missing Navy Elwood
Toles George M. Pfc. France Wounds Army Anderson
Tolle Leroy Navy Alexandria
Tracy Lawrence John, Jr. Lt. France Army Anderson
Tucker Carl E. Pvt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Tucker Paul R., Jr. Pfc. France Army Anderson
Tulowitzky Otto W. Pvt. Army Alexandria
Turner Ben Warren Lt. Great Britain Killed in accident RAF Canada Anderson
Turner Carl Pfc. Army Anderson
Tyree Hobart Dale S. Sgt. Army Air Corps Anderson
Tyska Charles Sgt. Belgium Army Anderson
Ulery Roy Machinist's Mate 1st Cl Navy Elwood
Underwood Herbert L. Pvt. Army Elwood
Underwood William T. Sgt. France Army Anderson
Vetor Robert F. Sgt. Army Summitville
Wade Howard C. Pfc. Mediterranean Army Anderson
Walker Edward L. Lt. Missing Army Air Corps Anderson
Walker Jack Edwin Radioman 2nd Class Pacific Lost at sea (Indianapolis) Navy Anderson
Walker Lowell K. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Walling John W. Merchant Marine Anderson
Ward Arthur C. T-5th Grade Army Elwood
Warrum Perry, Jr. Pfc. France Army Anderson
Watson Horace Pvt. Died in camp Army Anderson
Weber Norman Lt. Holland Army Anderson
Webster Virgil R. Pfc. Army Alexandria
Welker Howard C. Jr. Lt. Australian Area Army Air Corps. Anderson
Wells Fred Pfc Army Alexandria
Wells William F. T. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
West Fayne A. Pfc. Germany Army Anderson
Wheat Rex A. Pvt. Army Anderson
Whetsel Arthur Lee (Pete) Corp. Germany Army Anderson
Whetsel Jay Emmett Pvt. Army Lapel
Whetsel Rex B. Pfc. Forest Fire Marine Anderson
Whetstone Gene 2nd Lt. Missing Army Air Corps Elwood
Whitaker Wilbur A. S. Sgt. Europe Army Air Corps. Anderson
Whitlow Eugene S. Pfc. Army Anderson
Williams Kenneth 1st Lt. France Army Elwood
Williams Richard L. T. Sgt. Army Air Corps. Summitville
Williams Robert E. S. Sgt. Missing Army Anderson
Willis Marvin Pfc. Germany Died in POW camp Army Anderson
Wills William F. T. Sgt. Army Madison Co.
Wilson Ferman J. Sgt. Army Air Corps Alexandria
Wilson Walton Pfc. Army Elwood
Wilson Wilfred N. Pfc. Army Alexandria
Wimmer Charles, Jr. Pfc. Army Elwood
Withers Howard E. Technician 5th grade Army Madison Co.
Woods James M. Sgt. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Wright Donald Robert 2nd Lt. Died plane crash in CA. Army Air Corps. Anderson
Wyatt Guy F. S. Sgt. Army Air Corps Elwood
Young Charles Cadet Army Air Corps Anderson
Yunker Horace Pvt. Germany Army Anderson
Zoll Jack Pvt. Plane crash near Denver Army Air Corps. Anderson
Zook Calvin Pvt. Luzon Army Anderson