Madison County Casualties of World War I

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About the Database

Information in this database was compiled from the book Gold Star Honor Roll: A Record of Indiana Men and Women Who Died in the Servicesof the United States and the Allied Nationsin the World War. 1914-1918.

Information included in this database

  • First and Last name
  • Rank
  • Branch of Service
  • Hometown
  • Cause of death
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Last Name First Name Rank Branch Locale Reason
Abel Carl George Pvt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Anderson Sim Edward Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Auler Henry Pvt. Army Alexandria DOW
Austin Clarence J. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Pneumonia
Baker Forrest Handley Pvt. Army Madison Co. KIA
Bartholomew Benjamin O. Pvt. Army Lapel
Berry Lottie May Nurse Red Cross Madison Co. Pneumonia
Bramel William Z. Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Bright Alexander M. Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Brobst Andison M. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Accident
Brown Walter T. Pvt. Army Anderson KIA
Butler Fred D. Pvt. Army Anderson DOW
Chase Adolph H. Pvt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Clark Joseph C. Pvt. Marines Alexandria KIA
Cochran Paul S. Pvt. S.A.T.C. Elwood Pneumonia
Cowgill Clarence J. Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Cullipher Glen I. Pvt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Cutler Lowell F. Pvt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Danner Harvey G. Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Davis Doctor Daniel Pvt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Dever William H. Pvt. Army Elwood Pneumonia
Ettinger Wade H. Wagoner Army Anderson DOW
Gable Floyd W. Pvt. Army Summitville Pneumonia
Gagen Louis L. Pvt. Army Anderson KIA
Gazelone Sylvan Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Goul Ward L. Engineer Coast Artillery Corps Madison Co. DOW
Gray Carl C. Pvt. Army Anderson KIA
Gustin Palmer S. Pvt. Army Chesterfield Influenza
Hackworth Edward C. Pvt. Army Anderson KIA
Hilligoss Otto L. Cook Army Anderson KIA
Hockett George H. Captain U.S. Medical Corps Anderson Disease
Hoffman McKinley H. Pvt. Army Anderson Influenza
Jackson Harrison W. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Disease
Kelly William Pvt. Army Summitville KIA
Kendall Orville V. Pvt. Army Florida KIA
Knight George E. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Drowned
Lewis Willard B. Aviator Army Markleville Pneumonia
Lineberry Harry Pvt. Army Pendleton Influenza
Livezey Donald L. Pvt. Marines Elwood Pneumonia
Lockridge Samuel Pvt. Army Summitville Pneumonia
Longaker Lester D. Corp. Army Anderson DOW
May Russell C. Pvt. Army Alexandria Pneumonia
McBride William W. Pvt. Army Elwood DOW
McCord Irwin A. Seaman Navy Madison Co. Pneumonia
Mead Harry Pvt. Army Frankton KIA
Mercer Wilson R. Pvt. S. A. T. C. Anderson Pneumonia
Monroe Louis Corp. Army Elwood KIA
Morlock Oliver E. Pvt. Army Elwood KIA
Norris Samuel C. Captain U.S. Medical Corps Anderson Appendicitis
Norton Walter V. Pvt. Marines Alexandria KIA
Plessinger Harry V. Pvt. Army Anderson KIA
Ponsler Maurice R. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Influenza
Reese George E., Jr. Pvt. Army Elwood Peritonitis
Reiley Luke L. Pvt. Army Alexandria KIA
Richman Henry C. Corp. Army Daleville KIA
Riggs Gordon Pvt. Army Pendleton Pneumonia
Ritter John V. Pvt. Army Emporia KIA
Russell Samuel Pvt. Army Summitville Influenza
Shockey Joseph V. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Influenza
Smalley John W. Sgt. Army Madison Co. KIA
Taylor Otto V. Pvt. Army Alexandria KIA
Thompson Albert Pvt. Army Chesterfield DOW
Vasbinder Thomas A. Pvt. Army Madison Co. Pneumonia
Wachstetter Frederic W. Pvt. Army Lapel KIA
Walker Wintford E. Sgt. Army Anderson Pneumonia
Weir Perly Pvt. Army Perkinsville Pneumonia
Wheeler Earl T. Seaman 2nd Cl Navy Anderson Meningitis
Whitehead Clifford Pvt. Aviation Services Elwood Meningitis
Wittebort Augustus Pvt. Army Anderson Influenza