Indiana Inventors

Hoosiers Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

invention light bulb

Arvin, Robert - Indianapolis, Automobile heater

Ball Brothers - Muncie, Glass jars

Bowser, Sylvanus - Ft. Wayne, Gasoline pump

Borkenstein, Robert - Indianapolis, Breathalyzer

Brandon, Wayne - Alexandria, Pain-relieving arthritic glove

Collins, Archie F . - South Bend, Wireless telephone

Conn, Charles G. - Elkhart, Rubber rimmed mouthpiece, Four-in-one cornet

Cook, Norman - Anderson, Camera construction

Cummins, Clessie - Columbus, Refined diesel engines, First diesel-powered automobile

Dick, Dr. George & Gladys - Richmond, Scarlet fever test

Dickinson, Solomon - Richmond, Cooking stove

Dunn, Frank P . - Anderson, Stamp vending machine

Dusenberg, August & Fred - Indianapolis, First passenger automobile

Eads, James - Lawrenceburg, Ironclad steamboat

Farnsworth, Philo - Ft. Wayne, Electronic television

Fitch, Asa M. - Charlestown, Fitch's Chewing Gum, First plow on wheels

Forse, H. Donald - Anderson, Clothes presser

Gatling, Richard - Indianapolis, Gatling gun

Harger, Rolla - Indianapolis, Drunkometer (tests blood alcohol)

Hart, John M. - Anderson, Mobilfone (two-way radio communications without the use of the telephone company)

Haynes, Elwood - Kokomo, First successful gasoline automobile, Stainless steel

Hill, Charles - Alexandria, First to realize insulating qualities of asbestos

Hill, Hugh - Anderson, Irish Mail (play device fashioned after the fastest train in Ireland)

Hoyt, William - Dupont, Calliope

Jenkins, C. Francis - Richmond, Phantascope (method of sending pictures by radio), Motor-driven lawn mower, Automobile tire chain, Check protector

McClain, Francis M. - Anderson, Flower car for funeral homes

Molin, Carl - Kokomo, Dirilyte golden-hued tableware

Muhler, Joseph - Ft. Wayne, Stannous fluoride

Oliver, James - Mishawaka, Process for chilling steel

Polhemus, Von D. - Anderson, Automatic gearshift

Powell, John - Kokomo, Mechanical corn picker

Redenbacher, Orville - Brazil, Hybrid yellow popping corn

Remy, Frank & Perry - Anderson, Ignition system for engines

Roof, Robert M. - Anderson, Racing engines

Scholl, William - LaPorte, Arch supports

Sisson, Glenn - Anderson, Sisson choke

Taylor, Chuck - Columbus, Developed the Converse-All-Star basketball shoe

Thomas, Frank - Indianapolis, Ice shaving machine

Vonnegut, Bernard - Indianapolis, Discovered that crystals of iodide can make it rain

Walker, Madame C.J. - Indianapolis, Hair products for black women to aid in growing & beautifying their hair, Tetter Salve a remedy for skin diseases

Walker, Morton - Shelbyville, Mechanical walker for horses

Wright, Orville & Wilbur - Millville, Motorized airplane