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  • A woman from Minnesota sent a number of older photographs and tintypes to the library. They had been given to her by a man from Madison County, but the subjects were not her ancestors and she thought the library might like to have them for our collection, which we did. Investigating the lives of the ...

    By Elaine M.

  • Military records are integral to researching genealogy. They contain a myriad of details about any ancestor who served in any military branch. However, accessing them can have restrictions. Indiana Room librarian Bill Hartley will discuss the information military records can provide, which military records are readily available, and the channels to pursue to find additional military records.

    By Bill

  • Are you new to genealogy research, and would you like to learn more about using If so, please join us on Thursday, April 20, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., in the Delaware Room. Vickie, one of our Indiana Room librarians will share information on the numerous types of resources available ...

    By Vickie P.

  • Are you interested in researching your family tree, but are unsure where to begin? Begin by joining Vickie, one of our Indiana Room librarians, on Wednesday, March 29, from 2:30-3:30PM in the Delaware Room. Learn about various genealogy resources that are available in the Indiana Room and online to ...

    By Vickie P.

  • Between March and April the Marvel comic book G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero will be on display in the Indiana Room courtesy of Bill Hartley's private collection.  Stop by to see the entertaining art and scripts of Larry Hama telling the story of good versus evil in the battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra!  The Indiana Room is open during regular library hours with the exception of Sunday when it is closed.

    By Bill

  • One piece of information can lead us to discover myriad connections between people we have known nothing about.  It’s like the world is a jigsaw puzzle that leads us from one picture to another.

    By Elaine M