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About the Database

clientuploads/Highland High School 1.jpgHighland High School was built in 1955. Originally a joint township school serving Richland and Union Townships, it later became part of the Anderson Community School system.

The school’s name has two origin stories. The first says that Highland High School was named after the high ground on which it was built. According to the second tale, the school’s planning corporation received a letter or a box of books for a Highland High School. Though the items were misaddressed, the planning corporation liked the name and adopted it for their own school.

It is likely that the name Highland led administrators to choose the Highlander as the school’s mascot. A parent who was an emigrant from Scotland helped ensure the mascot was authentic, and helped arrange for the kilts which became a memorable part of the school’s band uniforms. The school colors were plaid and white, with the Highland plaid being a mix of black, white, and red.

In 2010, due to increasing costs and declining enrollment, Highland High School was closed and its students were merged into Anderson High School. The building is now Highland Middle School. The Highland High School yearbook was called the Highlander, and was produced from the school’s first year (1955/56) to its last (2009/10). The library’s collection includes all except the 1996 yearbook.

This student database covers all 55 years of the Highlander's publications (except for 1996). It indexes all of the student yearbook photographs from each class, so that any student who attended HHS and had a picture taken for the year should be included. The index includes class photographs only; it does not include sports, event, or club photographs. It may be searched by student name and will give the year(s) the student attended and the page(s) that his/her photograph(s) were on. Should you want a copy of any photograph, please contact Indiana Room staff. We can scan or photocopy the page from the yearbook and send it to you.


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