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Fred MustardThe Anderson Public Library’s Indiana Room is the home of the Fred Mustard Stewart Collection, memorabilia belonging to the late bestselling fiction author who was an Anderson native. The collection was donated to the Indiana Room by the author’s widow, Joan Richardson Stewart, and is available to historians, researchers, and those interested in Stewart’s career.


Fred Mustard Stewart wrote sixteen best selling novels, including The Mephisto Waltz (1969), Lady Darlington (1971), Six Weeks (1976), The Titan (1985) and Pomp and Circumstance (1991), and is probably best known for his series of saga books such as The Mannings (1973), Century (1981), Ellis Island (1983) and The Glitter and the Gold (1985). The Mephisto Waltz and Six Weeks were made into motion pictures and Ellis Island became a top rated 1984 TV mini-series. Stewart also wrote the script for the 1973 television film The Norliss Tapes.

Born in Anderson on September 17, 1932, Fred Mustard Stewart was the son of banker Simeon Stewart and Janet (Mustard) Stewart. After elementary school in Anderson, he attended Lawrenceville School in New Jersey and graduated from Princeton University in 1954. Planning a career as a concert pianist, he studied with Eduard Steuermann at the Julliard School and then served in the Coast Guard before returning to Anderson in the late 1950s to sell real estate. He moved to New York City in 1960 to pursue a writing career and wrote numerous television, and other scripts before the publication of his first novel in 1969. Stewart died in February 2007, and was buried at sea.

Fred Mustard olderThe Fred Mustard Stewart Collection contains hundreds of items relating to the late author and his career. There are scores of manuscripts for plays, television shows, novels, film treatments, short stories, project outlines and summaries, and even a fugue.

There are several copies of the un-produced play Dracula – The Musical for which Stewart wrote the script and music score. In addition, the collection contains a Princeton scrapbook, diaries, notes and letters, boxes of fan mail, information on the author’s many speaking engagements and personal appearances as well as publicity material for his various projects and tapes and DVDs of the works.

There are also many copies of Stewart’s books, both in U.S. hardcover and paperback editions, along with many translations from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

This treasure trove is available for access in the Indiana Room during regular library hours and a display of Stewart’s books is also showcased.

Fred Mustard Stewart's Novels

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