Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete this form and click "Submit" when you are done. Applications are kept on file for one year. We will contact you whenever we have an opening that meets your skills and interests. Although we welcome applications at any time, we cannot guarantee volunteer placement for all applicants.

The minimum age for volunteers is 14. The following age restrictions apply: 14 and 15-year-olds may work in the Children’s and Teen departments only. Delivery drivers must be at least 21 years old.

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants are required to furnish and pay for a criminal background check upon volunteer placement. Background checks can be obtained from the local law enforcement agency that serves the community in which you reside.

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants accepted for delivery driver positions are required to furnish and pay for a copy of their official driver record upon placement. Official driver records can be obtained online. Delivery driver volunteers are also required to furnish a copy of their driver’s license and proof of auto insurance annually.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions at 765-641-2456 or via email at volunteer@andersonlibrary.net

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Age (If under 21)
Emergency Contact Person's Name
Emergency Contact Phone
Emergency contact's relationship to applicant
Reason for Volunteering?
Are you volunteering to complete a community service requirement?
If Yes, please explain
If Yes, how many hours do you need to complete?
Deadline for completion



Are you volunteering to complete a project or requirement for school?
If yes, please explain
If Yes, how many hours do you need to complete?
Deadline for completion



Are you interested in a delivery driver position?
If yes, do you have a reliable vehicle that you would be willing to use to make deliveries?



Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
If Yes, please explain



Volunteer Experience



Work Experience



Check all the tasks you would be interested in doing
 Kids craft preparation/event assistance
 Kids book collection maintenance
 Delivering materials to homebound customers
 Selecting materials for homebound customers
 Teen craft preparation/event assistance
 Teen book collection maintenance
 Assisting with genealogy projects
 Assisting with local history projects
 Adult event assistance
Check all skills and traits you possess
 Broad knowledge of books/authors/movies/music
 Knowledge of genealogy
 Knowledge of local history
 Good driving knowledge of the city of Anderson and library district
 Customer service skills
 Good communication skills
 Good with computers and technology
 Able to use online library catalog
 Putting items in numerical order
 Able to locate materials within library
 Able to work independently
 Able to perform repetitive tasks
 Able to push/pull heavy book carts
 Able to stand for extended periods of time
 Able to lift up to 20 lbs.
 Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
Please list any additional skills/traits/interests you possess that could be helpful
Please list days and hours when you are available for volunteer service
How often would you like to volunteer
How many hours would you like to volunteer each time?
Where would you prefer to volunteer?
 Main Library
 Lapel Branch

I certify that the statements in this application are true and correct and have been given voluntarily. I understand that misrepresentation of any information may result in termination of my volunteer involvement. 

I understand that I will not be covered by Worker's Compensation and I release the Anderson Public Library from all claims as a result of any injury that arises during my volunteer activities. If I use my own car while performing volunteer duties, I am responsible for my own insurance and any cost associated with using my own vehicle. I agree to supply the library with a copy of my valid driver's license and proof of insurance. I agree to hold the Library harmless from any loss, damage, or cost incurred by reason of my volunteer activities. 

By checking the box below, I release the Anderson Public Library from any liability in this regard.*

I agree

Any additional comments
Parent or Guardian Name (if applicant is under 18):
Applicant has my permission to volunteer at the library

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Anderson Public Library!

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