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  • The artistry of Kin Hubbard of the Indianapolis News was renown in Indiana and in the national a century ago.  Abe Martin from Belle Center, Brown County, Indiana was his best known cartoon.

    By Bill

  • A woman from Minnesota sent a number of older photographs and tintypes to the library. They had been given to her by a man from Madison County, but the subjects were not her ancestors and she thought the library might like to have them for our collection, which we did. Investigating the lives of the ...

    By Elaine M.

  • Once upon a time Mounds State Park was known for more than just its famed mounds.  Its former caves had their own legends and stirred interest in people from all over.

    By Bill

  • Military records are integral to researching genealogy. They contain a myriad of details about any ancestor who served in any military branch. However, accessing them can have restrictions. Indiana Room librarian Bill Hartley will discuss the information military records can provide, which military records are readily available, and the channels to pursue to find additional military records.

    By Bill

  • The city of Anderson played a major role in the history of the American automobile industry--and not just in regard to General Motors subsidiaries Delco-Remy and Guide Lamp. In fact, numerous automobiles were manufactured in Anderson, the majority of which are long since forgotten. Listen as John L. Rupp of the Center for Automotive History discusses the cars produced in Anderson during the automotive boom.

    By Bill

  • The story of Anderson High School stretches back to the middle of the nineteenth century. It starts with the second school house in Anderson, a frame building erected at the corner of Twelfth Street and Main Street. This building served as the county seminary, high school and kindergarten combined. ...

    By Elaine