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  • Once upon a time Mounds State Park was known for more than just its famed mounds.  Its former caves had their own legends and stirred interest in people from all over.

    By Bill

  • The dedication of Welch Field and its commercial airport in 1929 was marked by a ceremony to which many of the foremost aviation figures of that day were invited.  This included the legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart who at the time was at the very beginning of her stardom.

    By Bill

  • One piece of information can lead us to discover myriad connections between people we have known nothing about.  It’s like the world is a jigsaw puzzle that leads us from one picture to another.

    By Elaine M

  • From 1930 to 2004, the State Theater, provided entertainment in downtown Anderson.  Innovative when it first opened, it went through numerous changes in both the movie industry and American society.

    By Bill

  • An Anderson businessman's gift of beauty...

    By Elaine

  • A native of Pendleton and a lifelong employee of Delco-Remy, Everett B. Foust was the epitome of General Motors and Madison County, Indiana.

    By Bill