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Posted on: Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 5:11:00 pm

Here are a few of recent additions to our music CD collection. Click an image to view availability or place a hold.

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Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest

Also available to download from Freegal.

Recorded in Los Angeles and New York with producers including John O'Mahony (Coldplay, Metric) and Mark Endert (Fiona Apple, The Fray, Train), The Blessed Unrest continues to display Sara's signature voice and stellar songwriting. "I have never felt more open and more raw in my entire life. 2012 was a year of deconstruction for me personally," said Bareilles. "I have been confronting some of my greatest fears in the last handful of months and have been amazed at how empowered I can feel when I muster up the courage to turn and growl back at those monsters under the bed. The songs on this album are a true reflection of everything I've come to experience in recent months…"

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Cecilia Bartoli, and others - Bellini: Norma

In collaboration with Giovanni Antonini, Riccardo Minasi and Maurizio Biondi, Cecilia Bartoli restores the sound and spirit of Norma in a landmark Decca recording based on the operas original sources.

Cecilia Bartoli leads a fabulous cast in Deccas groundbreaking new recording, which presents Vincenzo Bellinis Norma in a form that is complete with the exquisite mix of vocal and instrumental colours that Bellini intended for his tragic opera. Sumi Jo, John Osborn and Michele Pertusi respectively illuminate the roles of Adalgisa, Pollione and Oroveso. The sounds of period instruments from the composers time, brought to life by Orchestra La Scintilla and conductor Giovanni Antonini, underpin and blend with the timbres of a cast carefully chosen to recreate the individual vocal qualities of the operas roles.

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Caveman - Caveman

New York indie quintet Caveman's 2011 debut CoCo Beware was a softly psyched-out affair of neon-flecked atmospheres and '70s-inspired rock tracks. The slow-burning album was largely slept on, but not overlooked, and the band gained a following without the typical rush of press coverage or hype. On their self-titled second album, the soft lens on watery psych textures is still in place, but the pace and volume of the songs get toned down for a much more relaxed, reflective ride. This shift in tone is set by the layered harmonies of the brief, mantra-like album opener "Strange to Suffer." Tracks like "Where's the Time" and the eerie hooks of the electro-pop-infused "In the City" meld the searching melodies of the Shins with the cloudy experimentation of Fleet Foxes offshoots like Poor Moon and Father John Misty. Caveman often sound like a band playing from the other side of some ephemeral wall,...*

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Ciara - Ciara

Also available to download from Freegal.

Grammy Award winner, singer, song-writer, producer and actress, Ciara, is globally known for her multiple Billboard and worldwide hits such as "Goodies," "Ride," "Oh," and "1 2 Step." Ciara is set to release her fifth studio LP, Ciara.
"I started working on this record more than a year ago, and since then, I have found my creative clarity on the direction I wanted to go in. It was a surge of fresh energy, and I pushed myself to be even more creative. I'm more open to change. I'm learning so much of about myself, and I've become really comfortable and free. This album goes beyond my music. It's about my life."

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Court Yard Hounds - Amelita

Also available to download from Freegal.

After releasing their self-titled debut, Court Yard Hounds, to much critical acclaim, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire are at it again. Containing 11 new tracks, Robison and Maguire took a different approach with Amelita than their debut album in 2010. This album contains a new perspective, which is due in part to time passed since Robison's divorce. "I've been freed of all of those time-heals-everything kind of things," says Emily Robison. "Now, I've opened up to other ideas and ways of looking at life and the world."

The new direction is apparent on title track "Amelita," which has a breezy south-of-the-border sound, or "Phoebe," which calls in a frenetic, anxious melody, and chillingly close harmonies. Lead single, "Sunshine," co-written by acclaimed singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke along with Martin Strayer and Alex Dezen, oozes with irony as the girls flash their carefully manicured claws through silken harmonies.

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Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

Like few other album openers, "Holy Grail" encapsulates what follows it and reflects a particular point in an artist's career. It's a vigorous if not particularly moving track, principally produced by Timbalandand J-Roc, which expresses bewilderment and conflicting emotions about rising from poverty to opulence. The first of a few early-'90s references is made -- the chorus of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is quoted -- and Jay-Z is as triumphant and as troubled as ever...*

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Darius Rucker  - True Believers

Darius wrote ten of the twelve tracks on True Believers, produced by Frank Rogers, and the album features the Top 20-and-climbing critically-acclaimed single Wagon Wheel written by Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show, based on a sketch by Bob Dylan.

I'm very proud of this record, Rucker reveals. The songs, the co-writes, the vibe it s all really different from what we ve recorded and released on the past two albums, and I hope that difference resonates with the fans.

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Savages - Silence Yourself

The highly anticipated debut from London's Savages, an all-female four-piece who play music with scything energy and brutal power. Recorded with Rodaidh McDonald (The xx), the album is an 11-track, 38-minute masterpiece. Limned in black and white but containing a swell of different emotions within its self-imposed strictures, the songs cover topics from masochism ("Hit Me"), urban dread ("City's Full"), materialism, possessiveness and the experience of being a woman ("Husbands," "I Am Here"). Every one is delivered with fierce conviction and concision.

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