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  • The artistry of Kin Hubbard of the Indianapolis News was renown in Indiana and in the national a century ago.  Abe Martin from Belle Center, Brown County, Indiana was his best known cartoon.

    By Bill

  • New Tabletop Games

    Jul 2017 28

    Here's a sampling of our new tabletop game arrivals (July 2017). Click an image to view availability or place a hold. Or, browse our entire tabletop game collection. Rhino Hero Ages 5+ | 2-5 players | 5-15 min Together you build a house of cards, floor by floor, as tall as you can for Rhino ...

    By Danielle A.

  • A woman from Minnesota sent a number of older photographs and tintypes to the library. They had been given to her by a man from Madison County, but the subjects were not her ancestors and she thought the library might like to have them for our collection, which we did. Investigating the lives of the ...

    By Elaine M.

  • Here's a sampling of our new nonfiction arrivals. Click an image to view availability or place a hold. American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land by Monica Hesse The arsons started on a cold November midnight and didn’t stop for months. Night after night, the people of Accomack ...

    By Cristella

  • Travel the world with Gr8books! Let your summer reading list transport you through time and space! Visit Southern Sudan in the 1980s, modern-day Kazakhstan, 1960s Germany, or travel from Mexico to California in 1930 in the return of your upside-down book club. Where will you go? The first 8 kids to ...

    By KCG

  • In a small group, create a simple electric motor, use a lemon as a battery to power a spinning thaumatrope, and attempt a Snap Circuits challenge! We'll have an electrifying good time! Wednesday, July 26 1:00-2:00pm Cardinal Room

    By KCG